Std 10 English Imp:- Section C Q.39 to 41

બોર્ડના પ્રશ્નપત્રમાં (Std 10 English Imp :-  Section C Q.39 to 41) પ્રશ્ન ન. 39 થી 41  પુછાય છે. જેના કુલ 3 ગુણ હોય છે.

Complete the sentences using the correct option focusing the function in the brackets.

1. What a busy _ _ _ _ _ _ _. [Describing exclamation]

(a) day was it!

(b) day it was?

(c) day it was!

(d) day it was.

2. Sardar Patel was one of _ _ _ [Describing comparison]

(a) greatest leaders.

(b) greater leaders.

(c) the greatest leaders.

(d) greater than any other leaders.

3. One of the girls is going _ _ _ [Describing action]

(a) to listening a song.

(b) to listened a song.

(c) to listen a song.

(d) listening a song.

4. If you pay high amount, _ _ _ [Describing condition]

(a) you will get better facilities.

(b) you will not get better facilities.

(c) you would get better facilities.

(d) you will get worse facilities.

5. My mother went to Mumbai _ _ _ [Describing purpose]

(a) to see his friend.

(b) to see her friend.

(c) to meet his friend.

(d) to seeing his friend.

6. Archanaben remained absent in the function _ _ _ [Describing reason]

(a) as she is ill.

(b) as she was healthy.

(c) as she was ill

(d) as she will fever.

7. Anjali could not join the tour _ _ _ [Describing reason]

(a) because of her sick.

(b) because of her sickness.

(c) because she was in mood.

(d) because she had enough money.

8. What an _ _ _ __ _ [Describing exclamation]

(a) nice dress it was!

(b) active person Jeet is!

(c) universal problem terrorism is!

(d) apple did you eat!

9. Bharat failed in the exam as _ _ _ [Describing reason]

(a) he was hardworking.

(b) he was punctual in his work

(c) he attended the school regularly.

(d) he was very lazy.

10. Kokila helped me in finishing my task. I thanked her.

She said _____________ .(exchanging niceties)

(a) Happy birthday.

(b) better luck next time.

(c) welcome

(d) Many many congratulation

11. Each of the women_ _ _ [Describing action in future]

(a) would danced on the stage.

(b) will dance on the stage.

(c) dances on the stage.

(d) danced on the stage.

12. The Amul Dairy is bigger _ _ _ [Describing comparison]

(a) than many other dairies.

(b) than many other dairy.

(c) then any other dairy.

(d) than most other dairy.

13. I bought the car _ _ _ [Describing contrast].

(a) though I did not know how to drive.

(b) though I do not know how to drive.

(c) though I cannot know how to drive.

(d) though I did not knew how to drive.

14. None of the _ _ _ [Describing action in past]

(a) students gave the right answer.

(b) students give the right answer.

(c) student gave the right answer.

(d) student gives the right answer.

15. Upeshbhai helped me when _ _ _ [Describing time]

(a) I was in difficulty.

(b) I am in difficulty.

(c) I have difficulty.

(d) I will be in difficulty.

16. Meetaben was not able _ _ _ [Describing action]

(a) visit my office.

(b) to visit my office.

(c) visited my office.

(d) to visited my office.

17. Bagha is very clever. He _ _ _ [Describing action]

(a) cannot solve Jethalal‟s any problem.

(b) can solve Jethalal‟s any problem.

(c) solve Jethalal‟s any problem.

(d) creates Jethalal‟s much problem.

18. Very few teachers _ _ _ [Describing comparison]

(a) are as hardworking as me.

(b) are as hardworking as I.

(c) are more hardworking than I.

(d) are the most hardworking as me.

19. Neither you _ _ _ [Describing alternative]

(a) or your father discourage you.

(b) or your father discourages you.

(c) nor your father discourage you.

(d) nor your father discourages you.

20. Here is the boy _ _ _ [Describing person]

(a) whom my mother always helps.

(b) who my mother always helps.

(c) whose my mother always helps.

(d) whom my mother always help.


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